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Subject: Re: Re: Picture quality From: Send MailGraham Reply

> Hi Graham,
> Perhaps I should say it's all down to your new monitor to convince you the purchase was justified?
> I have been working with a new calibrated Lacie monitor for the last couple of months, so that may have improved things slightly from this end.
> In recent times I have been shooting the landscape pictures for the site using the slghtly more saturated setting which is akin to Fuji Velvia film.
> The Fuji S3 I use has three options, standard, F1 (portrait / Fuji Portra film look) & F2 (Fuji Velvia film look). Well that's before tweaking anything else which I rarely do, because I forget to change back !
> So likely to be a combination of factors have led to you seeing a change. If you prefer it that way it's all due my camera & monitor settings. If you don't like the new look it's all down to your monitor, go back to the old one !!!
> ;-)
> Regards,
> Alex
Thanks Alex, 6 of one and half a dozen of the other!! or whichever way you wish to look at it. Keep up the good work


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