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Subject: Mackays of Lochcarron - Family Tree From: Send MailClaire MacKay Reply

I am looking for information about my family tree.

My Great, Great, Great grandfather John Mackay was born on 5th February 1837 in LochCarron (Ardiasgan- is this Ardaneaskan?)

His parents were Donald Mackay and Isabella Maclennan (although on his marriage certificate it states MacKenzie)

The parents appeared not to have married- as her maiden name is on all birth certificates.

I can't seem to find much about Donald and Isabella. It is possible Donald was born in Castle Strome to William MacKay and Anne MacGreggor- but I have not checked this thoroughly. I think he was a lotter & fisher- and would love to know more about the family roots in this area- as we intend to visit for our research.

John married in Ardersier and later worked on the railways in Kingnussie- his son was a tailor and was my great grandfather.

I appreciate any 'leads' you may have and especially information on where to access local records.

Many thanks!

Claire MacKay

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